Bushland Weed Management

About the project

Territory Weed Management is working with Darwin City Council to maintain the council ‘bushland’ in a healthy state.

This includes the regular pick up of rubbish from the bushland and waterways and the control of noxious and other weeds.

Our weed management solution

The challenges here are access and weed identification as the contract involves more than just the declared noxious weeds.

These sites are close to urban areas and do often harbour non-indigenous plants that have become established in the bushland following home garden escapes or from dumped vegetative rubbish.

Vegetation control in these areas also compliments the council mowing program.

In conjunction with Darwin City Council, Territory Weed Management are working on Vesteys Lagoon, the Rapid Creek Corridor and East Point reserve – all highly valued green belts within Darwin City. Territory Weed Management provide Darwin City Council with trained staff and specialist equipment to control vegetation in very sensitive situations.

Project snapshot

  • Location Darwin and surrounds
  • Workforce 4-6

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