Weed control and management services

Effective weed management for government departments and private industry

Territory Weed Management has the capability to perform large scale weed management throughout Northern and Central Australia and beyond.

About our weed management service

In addition to maintaining compliance with the Weeds Management Act our service helps to:

  • prevent damage to infrastructure
  • reduce fire risk
  • enhance safety, visibility, and accessibility

We use the right techniques and herbicides to match the requirements of each project and are experts in targeting specific species of weeds with minimal soil disturbance, minimising the chance of erosion and growth of other weeds. Maintaining the integrity of the soil makes weed control cost effective because it enhances grass vegetation.

Weed management services

We perform weed management services throughout Australia, including:

  • Government land
  • Pipelines and easements
  • Cattle stations and pastoral stations
  • Mining and extractive industry sites
  • Industrial land
  • Rural residential blocks
  • Infrastructure, including power lines and telecommunications
We oversee a Parkinsonia weed control program that covers over 1000 km2 of Lake Woods and its catchment in the centre of the Northern Territory. Territory Weed Management have provided the majority of weed control services for this program since it started in 2009. Murray runs a professional crew and is able to tailor his services to our needs. Our monitoring shows just how effective his work is on the ground. We can rely on him to deliver, but also to let us know if and when problems arise. He provides us with GPS tracklogs and diary records of all works and participates in planning each year. Allan Andrews, Consolidated Pastoral Company

Preferred supplier for government departments

We are are preferred supplier to the Northern Territory Government, providing weed management and control services throughout areas in the Northern Territory. Weed growth in the Top End can be very rapid, often in areas that are difficult to access. We have the expertise, local knowledge and equipment to ensure thorough and timely control.

Our services ensure that land managers meet the requirements of the NT Weeds Management Act and local weed management plans.

We have the capability to provide large scale weed control across Northern and Central Australia and beyond, including:

  • Darwin and surrounds
  • Palmerston and surrounds
  • Batchelor and Adelaide River
  • the Rural Area
  • Gunn Point
  • Alice Springs
  • Katherine
  • Tennant Creek
  • Kununurra
  • The Kimberly region

See examples of our work

See examples of our work

We perform weed management services over a range of land uses. This includes:

  • mining and extractives
  • pastoral
  • rural blocks
  • transport corridors
  • industrial

Common weeds we manage

We typically manage declared and noxious weeds throughout Northern and Central Australia. Common among them are Gamba Grass, Mission grass, Parkinsonia, and Mimosa pigra Woody Weeds.

Gamba Grass Management

Gamba Grass is a declared noxious weed under the Weeds Management Act. Originally introduced as a pasture species, it has proven highly invasive if not management properly. Gamba Grass creates a high fuel load and can result in intense fires that can damage and destroy commercial infrastructure and destroy local plant biodiversity.

Woody Weed Management

Woody Weeds can damage commercial infrastructure, such as easements on pipelines, reduce visibility and restrict access to remote areas.

Parkinsonia Weed Management

Considered one of the worst weeds in Australia, due to being highly invasive, Parkinsonia can cause extensive economic and ecological damage. Dense infestations can cost landholders through decreasing access to stock watering points and making mustering more difficult. Preventing the spread of Parkinsonia is the most cost effective method of management.

Our process

All work is scoped in consultation with the client and covers the timeline, costing, and logistics of the project as well as the weed control techniques that will be used. Our team will provide recommendations and advice throughout this process to ensure the right solution is being implemented.

Throughout the project we maintain a high level of communication. Both verbal and written reporting is provided to update the client on the status of our weed control operations.

Our extensive knowledge of local areas and vegetation means we’re able to effectively plan the right way to perform weed control services to suit your requirements. We assess the blocks of land within the scope of the project and prioritise our operations to ensure that control measures are carried out while access is available and before the weeds have a chance to set seed.

Weed control and management services

Why choose Territory Weed Management?

Local knowledge and expertise

We’ve been completing large scale weed management services in the Northern Territory for over a decade and know how the climate and seasons affect the local vegetation. We know what measures are effective, as well and how and when to apply them for best results.

Cost effective

Our weed management services are cost effective. Using the right herbicides and the latest equipment means we can get to remote areas faster, apply weed control measures more effectively, and stay on site for longer. Our capabilities are unmatched in the Northern Territory.


At all times we maintain an open line of communication with the client to ensure everyone is up to date. Frequent reporting means we are able to provide education, advice and feedback to our clients about their weed control requirements.

We've worked across Northern and Central Australia

See examples of our work

See examples of our work

Review examples of weed management work we've completed for both government and private clients.

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